An AV shoot with the director and starring that every man has dreamed of! A sex shop with a shooting option 'From today you are my model'

OPEN 9:00 - next2:00reception

TEL +810663793988


Q:All casts/girls are Japanese ?
A:All casts/girls are Japanese.
Q:I can not speak Japanese at all, can I still enjoy your serivce ?
A:We will use simple English or translation APP to communicate with you.
Q:What is the procedure of cash payment ?
A:Our staff will let you know the rule, service, precaution and prohibited behavier during our service. Payment will be received after your understanding of our system. Cast/girl will be accompanied with you after we received your payment.
Q:Can you deliver a girl to a guest house ?
A:Yes with condition.
Q:Are there any casts/girls who can do AF service ?
A:Extra payment is required for AF service. Casts/girls who can accept AF service will be marked with ○ in AF information.
Q:Is there any discount/event ?
A:You will receive membership point as discount. There is no event for foreign customers.
Q:Regarding casts/girls' profile and free option.
A:Pleae refer to our homepage, we will improve our homepage.
Q:Regarding extra fee option and usage of toys.
A:Pleae refer to our homepage, we will improve our homepage.
Q:Please recommend a hotel for me.
A:Recommended hotels are available in Juso and Nishinakajima area.
Q:Can you deliver 2 casts/girls ?
A:If you want us to delivery 2 casts/girls, our King's Buffet service is available. Please refer to King's Buffet homepage for more information such as system, service and price.
Q:Can I see casts/girls and nominate one ?
A:Please nominate from our homepage photo.
Q:I am Japanese nationality and I can speak Japanese, do you still charge me as foreigner ?
A:If you are Japanese Nationalty and able to speak Japanese, we will not charge your as foreigner.
Q:Can your casts/girls speak Japanese ?
A:There is staff who can speak Chinese and English. Please feel free to contact us.
Q:Can I bring casts/girls outside of hotel ?
A:If you have an agreement with casts/girls, it is available for you to have a date within service time.
Q:Can I pay with a credit card ?
A:Of course you can pay with a credit card. We will let you know the procedure of credit payment.
Q:Can I do intercourse ?
Q:I booked your service without nomination, I want to know casts/girls name.
A:The cast/girl's name will be informed after reservation.
Q:I doubt casts/girls will come ?
A:Casts/girls will be standby on the sofa, near door, few miles away. Please do not worry.
Q:Are you coming to collect payment only ?
A:There is more than 10 reviews of foreign customers on our homepage. Please do not worry.
Q:How many days prior can I make a reservation?
A:If there is nomination, please refer to our homepage of carts/girls' shift. Usually it will be available before 1 week. There is no nomination, you can feel free to book our service anytime.
Q:Can you come to pick me up ?
A:Pick up service is availble at Shin-Osaka Station.
Q:I do not know the location of recommended hotel.
A:In order to serve foreign customers, pick up service is available. Please let our staff know upon booking.
Q:I want to extend service time. How to apply ?
A:Extend service time will cost extra payment. Please apply to cast/girl.
Q:Do you accept payment other than JPY ?
A:We accept USD, CNY and EUR. Exchange rate and exchange service fee will be applied.
Q:Can I change a cast/girl or cancel my reservation ?
A:You can not change cast/girl. Cancellation charge will be applied.
Q:I need a condom during service time, should I prepare by myself ?
A:Please let us know when you book our service, we will prepare for you. We also let cast/girl know that you will use it during service time.
Q:Should I worry abuot Sexually Transmitted Disease ?
A:Please wash your body, finger and Genital carefully. We disclose all casts/girls STD information, please nominate from one of our casts/girls.
Q:I am at Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, can I book your service ?
A:Part of Osaka, Kyoto area are available.
Q:Can I pay with digital money ?
A:We accept UnionPay、Alipay and WeChapay.
Q:What is your policy of Corona Virus ?
A:Our service is sexual service. We will do our best to prevent.
Q:Is there only 1 time ejaculation ?
A:There are many customers request more than 1 ejaculation in Anilingus, please let us know when you book our service.
Q:What if there is time left ?
A:If is fine to soak in the afterglow, or worship Japanese pussy.
Q:Is this shop running by Japanese mafia ?
A:This shop is not running by Japanese mafia, but running by Japanese freak.
Q:Is there discount? Should I pay for transportation fee ?
A:You will be granted with MM point that can be used next time. Please refer to transportation map which will show transpotation fee for different area and free area.
Q:Can I change payment method form cash to QR digital and increase booked service time ?
A:Yes you can change payment method and change service time.
Q:Can I book your service again ? How many days prior booking ?
A:We will issue membership number to you, please let us know membership number that we can book for you again easily. You can book our service prior your scheduled day.
Q:Nominated cast/girl on the photo will come ?
A:Of course.
Q:I do not want to disclose my contact information.
A:In order to protect your personal information please do not worry. We will not contact you afterwards.
Q:If I paid by a credit card, what will appear on the statement ?
A:It will appear as restaurant or internet service.
Q:Will you deliver cast/girl to the hotel room that I am staying ?
A:We will deliver to your room. You might need to pick up cast/girl at front lobby depends on different hotel.
Q:How many casts/girls can I book in 1 day ?
A:No limitation
Q:Can I book more than 1 cast/girl from your multiple shops ?
A:If you want to book more than 1 cast/girl, please refer to King's Buffet 3P service.
Q:Can I apply half price discount on your Japanese website ?
A:We are sorry that is not applicable for foreigners.
Q:Can I drink with cast/girl ?
A:It depens on the volume, some casts/girls drink with repeaters who already build close relationship.
Q:I booked last time, do I need to sing the confimration form again ?
A:No, please let us know your membership number we will confirm your previous booking record.